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August 16, 2008




Dirty Dog Daily has obtained an exclusive sex video tape featuring Paris Hilton’s teacup Chihuahua Tinkerbell and Austin Girl’s very own low-class and overweight refrigerator-repair dog Buddy “Fat Bastard” the Beagle.


The overly-sexual Beagle and his New York socialite bling-bling wearing bitch checked in to the Bed and Woofess Posh Doggie Spa and Hotel located on Barton Springs Road in Austin, Texas over the weekend. “The sick bastard recorded their dirty doggie-style hanky panky and left the shocking video tape in the player,” explained Stacey Stud Muffin, hotel manager.


A thirty-minute full-color video tape covered with sticky paw prints was found in the honeymoon suite.


“I plan on leaking this disturbing animalistic video footage over the Internet unless I can extort money from the Hiltons,” confessed Stacey Stud Muffin.


The Hilton Family has forbidden Tinkerbell to date overly-sexual Beagles.  Fat Bastard’s agent could not be reached for comment.

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