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April 03, 2015

WHAT IT TAKES--PAYING THE PRICE When You Contact Us These Are The Kind Of People You're Dealing With. A people with a deep love for the Living God and His Kingdom. A people who know Jesus personally, believe His blood is the only way our sins are washed away, and know He is the only way to Heaven. A people who believe Hell is a place of eternal torment from which there is no escape, and those who die in their sins will go there. A people who know they are sinners saved by grace, yet believe that with God's help you can overcome and live above sin. A people with compassion who realize love and mercy are greater than the law and that they can't force anyone to believe as they do. A people who realize they need a spiritual covering and who desire fellowship with a family of genuine disciples. A people humble enough to admit they need God's help and guidance, realizing they don't know it all and they don't have all the answers. A people who believe God always has their good in mind and that all things work together for good for those who love and obey Jesus. A people who believe God still speaks to His people and that God's Word, both written and spoken, holds the answers to all our questions. A people who know that God desires to dwell in their midst, filling them with His Holy Spirit and bestowing Spiritual gifts upon them. A people who live by the moral laws of God, believing their bodies are the temple of God and should be respected as such. A people who believe in the virtue and value of hard work. A people willing to submit and subordinate their desires, dreams, and ambitions to God, letting their lives be used to accomplish His will. A people with enough faith to abandon everything and come follow Jesus wheresoever He leads, trusting Him in all things. A people who know Satan and demons are real and that the kingdom of Hell is organized, militant, and determined to destroy God's people. A people who know they are soldiers in God's army and that they are part of a war machine engaged in conflict with the forces of evil. A people willing to stand at their post of duty, endure hardness as soldiers under command, and take orders for the sake of God's Kingdom. A people who are non-violent in the physical, not needing carnal weapons, for God is their defense. A people willing to stand valiantly and contend courageously for the truths God has given them, even if it means sacrifice and persecution. A people dedicated to the mission of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world that others can be liberated from the bondage of sin.

Contents:First Set-Made One In Hell -Oppression Of Fear -Birthing In The Spirit -Elders Childish, Sottish, Immature -Stubborn Refuse To Follow -Locked In, To God -Men Willing To Perish

MADE ONE IN HELLI saw a giant mixing of people as if they were in a huge mixing bowl, going very fast. They were in hell. The Lord told me that they were being made one–blended together so that each could partake of the other’s agony, damnation, torment. The Lord said, just as we, His people are made one body, so are the tormented in their misery. We are one with each other and God, they are one with each other and Satan. OPPRESSION OF FEARI saw a huge form like a mass of concrete descending over a busy city street where many pedestrians were scurrying about their day. You could feel their oppression as this mass grew closer and closer, heaviness was everywhere. The Lord told me the mass is oppression–the oppression of fear–men greatly troubled by fear in these times. BIRTHING IN THE SPIRITI saw a woman giving birth, not just one child but many were coming out of her. They were birthed jumping, leaping, running. Strong–they were not babes but adults, a vast cross section of people. The birthing vision has repeated itself several times over for several days. He told me the travailing prayers are bringing forth these ones who will have a zeal for God from the onset of their birth. ELDERS CHILDISH, SOTTISH, IMMATUREI saw a man with white hair and a white beard, he was sitting down, playing with a yo-yo. He had a baseball cap on his head. I asked the Lord the meaning–immaturity of eldership. Elders in this hour are childish, sottish, immature children, they only want to play–e.g. yo-yo. The Baseball cap also reflects an immature covering over his mind–dumb, childish, not developed in spiritual matters. Excellent reflection of today’s “church leaders”–sitting down, playing with a child’s toy. No wisdom to match their age, only immaturity. STUBBORN REFUSE TO FOLLOWI saw a very large building with stairs leading to an outside entry area. There was a steeple atop the building. In the entry area were many people. They were talking, pacing, sleeping, eating, camping with sleeping bags. But they would not leave. To me, they appeared stupid. I asked the Lord why they were all crowded on the entry area. He said they were ones He had “called out of the church” but they would go no farther. They would not forsake the church and come into Him. They had come out of the building, but they had set up their camp just outside the door, afraid they would miss something if they believed the Lord enough to follow. They all radiated bitterness and resentment. They gave the impression of stubbornness. He said, “They have come out–but they refuse to come into Me.” He said they will die in their stubbornness and perish in their rebellion. LOCKED IN, TO GODI saw a man sitting on a bed in a prison cell, then I saw a woman in a solitary room encompassed by sorrow and pain. The Lord told me of both, that they were: “Locked in, to God”. He said He literally arranges circumstances in the lives of His people to bring them into “the locked in place”. But most refuse to yield to His hand and submit. Instead, they rebel, they run, they grow bitter and angry. The Lord says we should aspire and desire the locked in place, not despise it. It is indeed a place of great enrichment and fulfillment in terms of relationship with Him. To be locked in to God is part of His high calling. MEN WILLING TO PERISHI was taken by vision into hell, there I saw men and women in hideous states. Some were writhing, some were screaming, some were cursing, crying, and yelling. All were in agony and torments. Some were in chains, trying to no avail to free themselves. They were pulling, begging, pleading, twisting, but they could not be set free. Others were in flames, never burning up, just burning while screaming and moaning in the agonies of pain and torment. Then the Lord spoke to me, Psalms 51:3, “My sin is ever before me.” The Lord told me: “They cannot escape their sins. Those who are chained are chained to their sins, they must be with them forever. Those who are in the flames are bound to their sins likewise. The sin is there in all of its’ gruesome reality and the agonies are unfathomable in their acuteness. Forever their sins remain "unforgiven” punishing the ones who had committed them while on earth. Then the Lord told me, “I was not willing that any should perish”. But He said, “They were willing that they should perish.” “It was in their wills that they chose this.” The scene was so ugly, so grotesque, so vile, their faces were pain, torment and horror, their bodies were corruption and vileness, the odor was vomitous. As I was praying during the same vision I caught a glimpse of a loved one–writhing, screaming, pleading–locked in by guilt, shame, and sorrow, with all the sins committed as the cruel jailer. I could not bear to see that for long. Then the Lord told me again, “I am not willing that any should perish–don’t you be willing either. Continue to travail for souls to be redeemed.” As the vision ended I was awed at the mercy of God who does not want any to know such torment. I also knew I could have been one of those, had not Jesus taken my hideous sins away. Let us never forget His mercy is given, less we could end in that hideous hell. We would like to hear from you!To request literature or more information about us or our community please E-mail us:

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