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June 25, 2012

Bill Cosby performed a 90-minute set last night at the Horseshoe Hotel & Casino in Hammon, Indiana consisting entirely of disapproving glares.

After fifty years of performing, Bill Cosby has finally perfected his act to the point where he no longer has to speak on stage.

It happened last night when a mostly white audience at the Horseshoe Hotel & Casino in Hammon, Indiana was treated to a 90-minute set consisting entirely of disapproving glares.

"For years I couldn't differentiate between the young-people-are-a-disgrace glare, and the white-people-will-never-understand-what-it's-like-to-be-black glare," said Cosby after the show. "But then I realized that just squinting one eye really sets them apart."

Some in the audience were confused by the performance at first. "At one point I thought he was having a stroke," said long-time fan Mark Jackson of Gary, IN.

"But when I realized he was really just saying, 'Hey, you! Did you really spend a hundred dollars on a ticket to this show when this country is in a recession?' of course I was rolling in the aisles!"

Entertainment Weekly's George Angle claims that Cosby's genius is in a continual effort to raise his level of contempt for the audience.

"Just when I thought these glares could not make me feel any more horrible about myself," Angle writes, "Cosby built on that and started spitting on audience members. It was the funniest I've seen him in decades."