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December 21, 2009


I still don't get tired of looking at this cheerleader...here are the results

Receiving Votes:


Gimme a wax!...Amy4Birds

Anyone for a Philly Cheese steak?...ideeclare

Wendy was still hired even though she cunt cheer…Gerardguffaw



The slow economy forced Gina to skip her bikini wax…JoeLeeThree

(My sentiments exactly Joe; hurray for recession, this one time!)



I'm just going to write exactly what I said aloud upon seeing this: "Oh, oh, oh, oh god."…donairs

(I had to do a double take a couple of times, and this photo seems dated I would have thought there would have been an afro under there)


….which brings us to the winner!


Must be an American Cheerleader if she was Russian you could stuff a sofa with the pubic hair coming out the sides…bigjas

(Very nice visual…are we talking love seat or sectional?)


Funny stuff everyone…see below for other recent NPIsc result

Receiving votes:


Pick up the pace we are passing the gay quarter…bigjas

That kid should be in the circus he can balance a ladder on his head…Mervin97

Why did I have to draw France????...osopeludo


The Winners:



It was the first and last time the torch route went down Bourbon Street"…Hoarseface

(Burn me something mister!)



The guy on the roof that's holding his dick is still carrying a torch for him…lizardladyfla

(Are you suggesting his dick is burning too…is there a doctor ON the house?)



Guys, that's not how you spell YMCA…drwho

(The guy who’s supposed to be the A must have fallen off the roof)


Thanks again for you participation and as always continue to tune in for future pics!!!