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September 09, 2008


I haven't been on FOD for a couple of days, as my Dad had a stroke on Sunday.

I had to drive up to Hunterdon County, NJ, where ol' Daddy is now in the hospital.

His stroke was apparently pretty mild, but he will have to be in the hospital for a few weeks at least of physical therapy. One of the side effects of this stroke is a symptom called Ephassia. What Ephassia does is that, while the persons mind is 100% normal, whatever they wish to say comes out distorted. Example: My sister, Amy, and I were in the room. He points at her and says "Matt", and points at me and says "Amy". The same thing works with complete sentences. He may wish to say "I want to take a nap", but it will come out "Give me a red napkin, now!". It would actually be pretty funny if it wasn't my dad, and if it wasn't so frustrating for him. He'll recover though, they say, and I will make fun of him appropriately at that time.

I will write more in the next couple of days about my latest round of Puppy Training.