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December 31, 2008


Along with the much deserved rejuvenation that accompanies the year’s end, Pole Patrol gives thanks for our most cherished possessions (Hint: They begin with a capital ‘P’).  This year was blessed with the arrival of several new Pole Patrol Poles, and no doubt the New Year will bring many more. WELL DONE THEN.

We the Patrol can also state, with confidence, the world is in desperate need of help. It is as if a giant shroud begins to circle our glorious land. DO NOT FEAR. The Pole will respond. In fact, it is already doing so. But it cannot fight alone. It needs more comrades; more brothers; more Poles!

Therefore it is you, the citizen, whose responsibility it is to inform Pole Patrol immediately in the event you either discover or come in contact with a Pole. They are not yours, and they can be very dangerous if not handled properly. Following this protocol will not only guarantee security for both you&Pole, but it will hasten the advancement towards Peace.

We thank you for your cooperation. We now begin a fresh cycle around our provider of light. It would be wise to celebrate appropriately. To the Sun.