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June 08, 2009


Wow! I´m blogging!
Who knew this could ever happen to me?

As all of you must know by now, tomorrow is the exam I must pass to get the students loan that I need to pay next month´s rent!

So, of course, I am here, joining another video site that I will probably never upload more than half a megabyte of content onto. Is that even a valid sentence?

I just realized that I am out of mindgathering-pills, so I´ll go scatterbrained to this oh so crucial exam.

If you can write in the following languages you can bother me with replying in that language, then I will answer in an awkward version of that language about something totally irrelevant:
Íslenska, English, Dansk, Norsk, Voldemort, Francais, Deutsch, Svenska.

Bless í bili!