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Published: February 02, 2012
Description: Humourous blog poking fun at artists, musicians and writers.


We hesitated over whether to call the blog Schadenfreudezeitgeist or Zeitgeistschadenfreude. After all, the two are so different. In the end we decided that there could really be only one name for a site that gives fake descriptions, meanings and discussions of different art, music and literary projects and that was Zeitgeistschadenfreude.

An Explanation

Because some people always need to have an explanation. It makes them feel more comfortable. The world makes sense. Also because I find the idea of explanations for art ludicrous and (mostly) inadvertently amusing. Any similarities to people real or imagined are purely coincidental.

If you want to see the blog in its home space: www.zeitgeistschadenfreude.wordpress.com