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May 03, 2017

Why focusing on the Bromance? When the "Womance" should be up front and centered!

By: Kelly Brotman
Date: 05-03-2017

Womance: The better and stronger version of the Bromance!

Bromance. Sure it’s adorable, girls awe all over it! Heck there is a movie dedicated to it, but what about the opposite? It’s the female version of it why not have it called “Womance”? I am talking about the friendship that is just as strong and just as adorable as the bromance? Heck there are movies out there that is just as powerful as the Bromantic movies. From the Ya Ya Sisterhood to the Pants sisterhood, these old and young ladies have their share of arguments and cute moments as these guys out there have!

Sure there is the “21 Jumpstreet” where there are guns firing all over the place but so do the movie where the going goes tough, the tough go rocking in “Miss Congeniality 2”. Face facts guys out there, women are just as powerful and just as adorable as you men are! The friendship between CeCe and Jess from “THE NEW GIRL” is just one example. Their “Womance” has started since childhood where it blossomed into something that is just as powerful as Schmitt and Nick’s, heck their bromance did not start since college, and people often go to the “Womance” on that that show.
Now for the two friendship groups on Buzzfeed. There are the “Try Guys”, often perverted goofy and sometimes dangerous have gone out their way to be just plain idiots. Then there is “Ladylike”, guys I know what your thinking it is just about make up and looking pretty, ha ha ha..not true! They have gone skate boarding riding, bar tending, and of course the all gross but fun Hot dog eating contest. Now ladies out there I hate to say it, but we all agree there is a Bromance between the “Try Guys” but how having a “Womance” between these lovely ladies?

Talk shows out there have focused on the bromances that go between the host and their best friend. Take for example the Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon with “bromance” with Justin Timberlake. Sure they have their History of Rap but wasn’t the relationship between Oprah and Gale more powerful? heck these two strong women have camped together! Men out there have tried to make it into a woman on woman relationship but that’s hardly the case.

“Womance” goes from generation to generation and just how much men try to make it perverted, well men face facts. Women all out there have news for you, if your ry to make friendship, sisterhood perverts there is a women out there that can kick your butt!