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November 30, 2014

Sometimes relationships can become boring and lose their spark. When that happens it's always a good idea to try something new with your partner.

Talk Dirty

It’s like sexting,but without the cell phone. If you’re not sure where to begin, try this. Meet up with your significant other. Write dirty sexts to each other, but instead of sending them, read them out loud. It’s that easy.


This one is really interesting. Look at your Emojis. Do you see the one that looks like a selfie picture on Instagram? That’s called a kiss. The next time you’re with your partner make that face and press it against theirs. They’ll love it.

Send a Nude Photo

I know you’re probably thinking “This isn’t new or exciting. I’ve been doing this for years.” Well there’s a twist. Instead of Snapchatting it to them, print out the photo, put it in an envelope and write a letter (that’s kind of like writing a caption). Then put a “postage stamp” on the corner of the envelope, write their address on it and put it in that box you see at the end of your drive way. Pretty soon an out-of-shape, middle aged, vet, wearing shorts and a button down shirt, will pick it up and bring it to them for you.

Have a long-Term Meaningful Relationship

This one is sort of like hooking up, but it lasts longer. Do something fun together on a regular basis. Maybe go to the movies or share a hobby. If you’re more experienced at this you can even try living together. Talk to each other about your deepest insecurities and fears. Make each other laugh. Make each other cry. Make each other smile and then miss that smile everyday you don’t get to see it. Be over the moon just holding hands or hugging them. Encourage, support and fight with them, but remember to fight fairly and never be petty. Be patient, be loving,and be there when they need you whether as a shoulder to cry on or a hand to help them up. Be happy because the other person is happy and be sad when they’re sad. Be a partner with them through the struggles. Be their cheering squad through the successes. Form a bond that will give you meaning in your lowest moments and last through the ages.

Get Married

This one is exactly like step four except it costs a lot of money and you need a lawyer to get out of it.