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April 29, 2013

Despite the odds, Victor Fanny becomes the first ever openly gay figure skater.

"I don't care if it makes me an outcast, I'm sick of hiding my sexuality." 

Powerful words from pro figure skater, Victor Fanny. Victor admits that he had no plans of being the world's first openly gay figure skater, but he decided enough was enough. After years of pretending, Victor knew what he had to do. The pressure to be a tough jocky figure skater recently became truly overwhelming. It was time to speak up.

"Coming up in this sport, you see all these figure skaters with their wives, kids, and perfect All-American lives and you think to yourself: Is there any room for gay guys in figure skating?"

Victor went on to share details about his personal life and how his father's conservative attitude certainly affected his adolescence. 

"Like most dads, my old man figure skated in college. He was your typical red-meat loving, beer-drinking, triple-axel executing kind of dude. After injuring his knee at SparkleFest XII, he made it his life's work to make a pro figure skater out of me. When we would train, he'd always say 'Float like a butterfly, don't float like some sort of gay guy.'"

Victor admits that he's already faced discrimination from his peers. 

"Close friends who I've know for years have now turned their back on me. They now refuse to help me attach headresses, jewel anklets, and face feathers; all because they know I'm gay. I don't know if this sport is right for a gay guy like me. All I can do now is hope that I inspire other gay people to follow their heart and maybe give figure skating a shot. ...I know it's stupid, but I can always dream."