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July 18, 2009


1. I am admittedly addicted to the daily caption contest, and have been so for about 1 month.
2. While I love the FOD website, my girlfriend does not. In fact, she is currently planning the oddest intervention ever. (Even stranger than the intervention for that chick that was huffing "duster cans".)
3. There are definitely some funny people out there (you know who you are.)
4. There are definitely some "not-so funny" people out there (you probably don't know who you are.)
5. I enjoy vulgar, "off the wall" humor, while the masses prefer clean, simplistic humor. Often times I find myself dumbing down or cleaning up a caption in order to obtain more funny votes. Curse words,or captions pertaining to ones race, gender, or sexual orientation do not bother me, but may be voted down by one's peers. This is unfortunate.
6. I like to vote. Perhaps not every day, or every caption, but I try to vote fairly regularly. I believe that I am fair and just in my decisions-it is up to you to make me giggle. (My apologies to those of you with 0 funnies and 1 die. I swear it wasn't me, or I accidentally hit the wrong button.)
7. It seems as if the majority of the "captioneers" choose not to vote. This is fine, but there are some very funny quotes hidden within those middle pages, which sit there with 1 funny and 0 dies. By voting more, it helps the "cream rise to the top", and decreases the number of "copy cats." (That's right, I still use the phrase "copy cats.")
8. The highlight of my evening is when the new caption first appears-sad but true. There are a lot of sharp minds up at 1:00am, and I would definitely venture to say that many are in the "upper eschelon" of "captioneers."  You have to think and type fast, or your original idea quickly becomes "yesterday's news" and must immediately be deleted  (perhaps Mellowpuma has it right with the tin foil hat). Great minds think alike (or, perhaps, being intoxicated makes you funnier.)
9. People are very friendly on this website. All I read are compliments, even on captions that I consider mediocre at best. The comment section includes a "You Suck" headline, but no one tends to use it. I've played enough online video games to know that there's always that one asshole that talks shit throughout the whole game. Are you telling me that out of the hundreds of people posting captions, none of you are this prick. Or is it that this is a contest and it's never good to make enemies with the people who are voting on your comedic ability (and your chances to win an awesome new T-shirt!)? Bottom line: some people deserve a "You Suck."
10. It's good to make friends. I try to be polite enough when someone comments on my captions and say thanks ( I mean, I thought it was funny. It's good to have people agree with what you find to be a humorous or witty remark), and then I'll write " this or that was funny also. Thank you for amusing me." Most of the time I do think that it was a funny caption, but  sometimes I use it as a ploy to sway somebody into becoming my acquaintance. Hey, if you think I'm funny, you immediately become a little funnier in my eyes.  I know I'm not the only one doing this because I see some completely awful captions ending up on the first page- friendly funny votes. Everyone has a political agenda.
11. Anything and everything that pops into your head is not funny. Most of the people that post several captions are funny and mix it up relatively well, pointing out the smallest detail in the picture, or perhaps, creating a particularly humorous comparison to a movie or political figure. "George is fat" or "He likes to eat cum" are not funny captions. You are just setting yourself up for defeat. Just think a little while longer before posting that "winner"- it's quality not quantity.
12. There seem to be a lot of haters out there. This annoys me.  I mean, our senses of humor can't be that different.  Often times, an extremely funny caption, which I believe is destined for glory, gets bombarded with die votes until it ends up on page 8 with 15 funnies and 14 dies. Really? Let's give respect where it's due, and not just vote a hilarious caption to die in order to move your "gem" up a couple of spots on the rating list..
12. What's up with not having a new caption on Sunday? What, the "FOD Team" needs a day off? That's alright, I like browsing through 956 captions to find the funny ones.
13.  "Brokeback Mountain" and "Chuck Norris" quips are, more often than not, stupid. I tend to stay away from these, but apparently the majority finds them "rip-roaringly" hilarious.  Now, I do find some of them funny, and I vote accordingly. But, keep in mind, the originality factor has just dropped a couple of notches as soon as one even thinks about referencing one of these two phrases. Unfortunately , references to "Just the Ten of Us" or "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" do not get the respect that they deserve.

 These are just a few of my thoughts on the daily caption contest. As Coach Lubbock, or, perhaps Kubiac would say, "Let the hilarity ensue!"