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Published November 18, 2012

Real life Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, linked up with equally artificial-looking human, Justin Jedlica (the real life Ken), to make the strangest sex tape of all time! Valeria pulled up to Justin’s southern California mansion in her pink convertible ready for some hot plastic-on-plastic action. After an absurd number of wardrobe changes, the emotionless duo was ready to get down to business.

With their only working joints being their shoulders, the heavy petting and foreplay was, for lack of a better term, awkward. Neither blinked throughout the entire strange make-out scene. Things began to steam up as Valeria stiffly slid down to Justin’s groin, readying her over-inflated acrylic lips for some rigid mouth love. But as she slid off Justin’s shorts she was shocked to discover that… He was completely smooth down there.

“I just wanted to be legit. If you’re going to be a human version of a doll, there’s no half-assing it!” Justin explained when reached for comment. “Besides, Valeria didn’t seem to mind.” This was a true statement. After realizing that Justin’s crotch was smoother than linoleum, she merely shrugged and pulled off her skirt to reveal she was just as flat. What ensued was a raucous slippery scissor session that left all who witnessed it deeply disturbed.