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January 10, 2015

When men try to become girls, for parties, identity switching, or just plain hating having a penis, we hope this training guide will bring you to the full woman you want to be in life.

10 Step Training Guide On:
How To Urinate Like a Girl (If you’re a man)

Sitting Down, One Toilet At A Time

— The Crapper Magazine

1. Find a toilet. They usually hide in very dense areas.
2. Look at it like you have more estrogen in your veins than T.
3. Put on the fake boobs and vagina your instructor provided, OUTSIDE your clothes. Gives you time to have a maximum feel for the woman’s anatomy.
4. Stop playing with the fake vagina. I know it looks real but focus.
5. Usually putting toilet paper down or essential washing on the seat is encouraged. You’re training here. A bitch ain’t got time fo’ germs and shit.
6. I know this is gonna sound weird but let the liquid come out. We’re almost there.
7. Read a cosmo while your on the throne. Our experts say a feeble amount of women read on the toilet.
9.Ya I know 8 is blank. It’s suppose to be blank for time to release the liquid. What kind of number is “8” anyways?
10.I have an appendage that dangles at the bottom of my torso with two nutty neighbours. I know this was as hard for you as it was for me when i was training.

Source: Canadian Science of Health Eh ©2015