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November 27, 2009


Ultimate Horrible Fighting Championship
9. The Thin Red Feline -keibar
8. Who killed Jimmy Hoffa. -buttermilk
7.If you go to the Dallas Book Depository you'll find a tiny skeleton next to a tiny gun in the 8th floor crawl space. - ian Renga
6. She'd better have those Friskies, she'd better have those Friskies, YES!!! She lives another day. (They all do this--cat owners are just a pussy hair's breadth from death on a daily basis) -ideeclare
5. you never should have let him into the shoelace factory. Jesus, he's lost all grasp of reality -trident
4. Look at this bozo. I better go for the heart - a head shot wouldn't faze him. -keibar
3. It's not easy getting a kitten to do this first you have to break it's paws and reset them to hold the gun,nail his tail to the ledge and remove it's tounge to stop the whinning -bigjas
2. assassin by day, blues harmonica player by night. -trident
1. hurry up & shoot or your gonna adorably nod off onto the scope! -trident