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October 30, 2009


OKay...I am as hotblooded a woman as you are going to find in the northern hemisphere, and I totally think that Levi Johnston (when he's not speaking), is HOT. Super HOT. Sensational HOT. However, I have absolutely no desire to see his junk. I don't want to see glamor shots of a nineteen year old BOY, who also has a young baby to care for, hawking his junk in some smut magazine. In fact, I encourage his management to busk dollar votes from mothers who would prefer to keep his pants on and they might be pleasantly surprised with what they can afford. Where is HIS mother? Why isn't anyone saying "That's gross. No go, dude." Where are the sane people? Levi, please hear me, for the sake of your self respect, please don't do this. Definitely pose with your shirt off, play some soccer, go for a jog on the beach, but keep the pants on.