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February 21, 2011

Have you noticed striking similarities between Bruno Mars and E.T.? Well, this hidden secret needs to be exposed..Bruno Mars is in fact the one and only E.T.

While there are a lot of controversies out there, one of the most recent is whether Bruno Mars is actually E.T.  Here are some of the similarities between the two, and you can decide for yourself: 
  1. They each have a striking resemblance in their photos.  What are you hiding under that hat, Bruno?  Maybe you're E.T. head?
  2. Bruno Mars's real first name is Peter.  Need I say more?  It actually contains "et" in it!  He's basically flaunting it.  For all the creativity in his music, he could have put a little more time into this one.
  3. Bruno Mars uses the last name Mars, which just coincidentally is a planet in outer space.  C'mon dude, you think no one would catch on?  Some of us use our brains for a living.
  4. Many parts of the movie, E.T., were filmed in Los Angeles and other parts of California.  Where did Bruno Mars move after high school?  Los Angeles.  This guy's trying to get caught worse than Tiger.
  5. While the movie, E.T., was released in 1982, it was rereleased in 1985.  When was Bruno Mars born?  Hmm..1985.  Oh yeah and I'm the conspiracy theorist..righhhht.
  6. The movie, E.T., received numerous music awards.  What a surprise...Bruno Mars has done the same.  It's like this dude came up with this scheme while brushing his teeth one night.
  7. Lastly, it's pretty obvious that the song "Just The Way You Are" was written about E.T.  If you'll remember, E.T. was chased by the authorities and not accepted into society.  It looks like Bruno is still quite traumatized by these events and subconsciously trying to make himself (E.T.) feel more secure.  Bruno- You need to grow up or get some help!