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October 01, 2009


It bothers me that a blow job is called a blow job when there is no blowing involved.  In fact, I don't think many guys would like them if there was blowing.  It should be called a suck job.  A hand job, a tug job, a tit job, a foot job--all named to clearly identify what is going on.  We need to think about the younger generation and how they may be confused by the term.  There may be a girlfriend/boyfriend pair out there totally confused...she's down on her knees blue in the face from blowing on her boyfriend's cock while he's standing there thinking "I don't understand the hype".  After she passes out from hyperventilation he has to give himself a hand job and then google blow job to figure out what the hell went wrong.  In order form a more perfect union we should all be more careful with the terms that we label our sex acts with.