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April 02, 2010


Proven Excellence

UpWind Solutions is a full-service operations and maintenance provider for utility-scale wind turbines energy projects. Our technicians provide comprehensive solutions and a level of customized service that is unrivaled in the industry. No other service provider works in greater partnership with wind project developers and owners to maximize profits and ensure success over the entire project life span.

A Higher Standard of Service
The explosive growth in the renewable energy industry is creating many new choices when selecting an O&M provider. Unfortunately many new companies fail to deliver a level of quality that serves their customers’ best interests. At UpWind Solutions, we are committed to delivering a higher standard of service, where O&M stands for more than operations and wind turbine maintenance; it stands for optimizing and maximizing wind energy – and, ultimately, wind project return on investment.

Our Approach: Shared Success
Shared success isn’t just our promise, it’s our business model. As a third-party service provider, UpWind Solutions has no financial ties to the OEMs, allowing us to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that align our interests with project owners. We structure our service agreements so that the technicians that climb the turbines are rewarded for meeting performance goals. When our customers succeed, we all succeed.

Delivering Results – A Proven Model

Our outstanding O&M performance validates our business model of shared success. Our bold approach allows Upwind to focus on maximizing long-term productivity, and as a result, we are delivering a higher return on investment for our wind project partners than any other wind turbine O&M provider in the industry. Upwind Solutions is currently operating two of the highest performing wind farms in North America, and is currently operating over 300 MW in excess of 98.5% availability.

Raising the Bar

UpWind’s innovative approach comes from our deep industry experience and unrivaled expertise. Our management team has a long and distinct track record in the wind industry with significant experience across many disciplines. UpWind Solutions is led by a highly qualified team whose collective knowledge in the wind industry brings an above average advantage each wind project. With demand for qualified management at an all time high, our customers rest easy knowing our experts are working hard to maximize availability and wind farm performance.

Commitment to Safety is Job One

Environmental Health and Safety is our number one priority. At Upwind turbine optimization Solutions we focus on keeping our workforce safe through continuous training and emphasis on detail at every point in the process. Our technical staff's training and EHS program set new standards for the industry. We strive for zero incidents and zero injuries. And that means peace of mind for our customers....and for us