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February 05, 2010


Love blossomed and faded so quickly...Urban Dictionary, why you wanna play me like dat? Here's the thing, the first definition for "Paige" in the dictionary is "an engaged and underaged, flat chested, bitchy girl whose Nuva-ring falls out during passionate lovemaking with her "of age" fiance. She also enjoys discussing "poop" daily." I admit the fecal fascination, but I can't remember the last time I made passionate love to someone who was "of age". LOL Anyway... I wrote in for Rede : An insincere person so afraid of being alone that he feels compeeled to get engaged/married frequently. Someone not bothered by accepting second, third or even less than fourth best. A cheap jackass who marries in random backyards with no friends present and no decorations but for a single helium balloon floating by the neighbour's RV, satellite dish and not so distant golden arches. example of use in conversation: "Why do people look so unhappy at that barbeque? They look like they're all forced to be there!" "Look closer. There's not even a barbeque!" "Oh! It must be one of those Rede weddings." "Yip. You can tell by the bride holding the water bottle." And for Andrea: A girl who wears excessive blush to try to take away from her huge honker and winds up looking like something you shout your burger order into at a drive-thru. Someone content to accept sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths, whatever gets her out of Gander. Clown face. Skank. Yentl porn. example of use in a conversation: "Wow! Didn't Covergirl stop making those colours in 1984?" "It must be an Andrea." Anyways...Urban dictionary says that my definitions are too much of an "inside joke", and I'm all "and nuva-ring falling out of underage fiance isn't an inside joke?" So strange. So, I don't love Urban Dictionary anymore. But, as you can see, I don't need it. LOL