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Published: November 29, 2009
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Thanks again for taking part in our little contest. I tried to come up with some funny sports related turkey thing, but all I could find was a picture of John Madden holding a Turducken. Not really funny…Anyway, I want to personally thank orionebaker for being the guest judge on this one. He admitted it wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. Thanks again O.


Hope everybody had a great holiday weekend, sorry about posting these sooner I was out of town and only got a chance to get on a PC for just a few minutes Saturday. Orione sent me the results Friday but I just got back and got a chance to post the results...

These are the results as submitted by orione



Cassiopeia:Taking the plunge together.

Keibar:Circumventing the incest laws.

MadAdam:You can do it Jimmy!!!Just think outside of the box!!!


Hoarseface:They make such a Charmin couple.

(I love the captions with a clever play on words.)


Westsideslant:Pin the tale on the honky.

(It just keeps getting funnier the more I read it!)


ideeclare:Dang it ma--stop movin'!Just do it like you do at home!

(For once ma can't sit still,and I can't stop laughing!)


Until next time friends
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