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March 11, 2009


 All of my freinds that smoke have been complaining of the sky-rocketting prices of their wonderful tobacco products. I myself partake of the Dip. I know thats nasty, yada yada yada, gross, yada yada what ever.  I have decided to dedicate this weeks recipe of the week to the smoker, with this smoking hot recipe.
Ok light up that Marlboro or that salem, or even one of those Kool Filter Kings ( If your smoking Kool's, don't forget to polish your curb feelers and fluff up your fuzzy dice.) Pull that trucker hat down tight unzip your vest and prepare your small intestine for something bigger than that super trucker belt buckle thats been digging in your abdomen for the last twenty years. 
take about four chicken breast and boil them in some salt water until done.
Take a bag of dorritos and spread half of them in the bottom of a casarol dish.
then take the boiled chicken breast and chop or pull them apart with a fork.
In a large bowl. mix the chicken breast with 1 can of rotell tomatoes and about three cans of cream of chicken soup. Spread that on the dorritos.  top that with cheese and crush the remaining dorritos and sprinkle on the top of the casarole. Bake this in the oven for about twenty min. at about 425 degrees.
Or untill its hot. Salt and pepper to taste.
 Now this won't take your mind off the Cigg.Prices but hell its spicy enough that even a heavy smoker can taste it.
I am not a smoking Nazi, more of a smoking socialist or even a smoking imperialist. If you smoke thats ok with me, I don't care. Its your life, your lungs and even your money, smoke, hell why not. I am truly sorry of the governmental intervention of your choice.  I hope you enjoy the Chicken casarole and remember when someone ask you for a light, say " I am the light, what you seek is Flame."