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Published: August 18, 2010
Description: STOOPID GUMM :(

Ok so... If you know what that gumm is, Stride Shift (berry to mint), it does not really change flavors so quickly and you pretty much just taste the berry.. idk where the mint is.. Its like *WHERE THE HECK IS IT?! (thats what she said) >haha*
~ :P i mean like... minus well  just buy some kind of $1 gum that tastes like bery instead of some fake stride shift $3 dollar gum! *THAT WAS SUCH A RIP OFF (haha)* :)
~  It did taste delicious tho.. but i want it to change flavors cuz well.. duhhhh thats the reason i bought it!! + i was assuming it wuld be SOOO AWESOME! Where i wuld wanna throw water at myself! :(
   ugghhhhh, o well