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Additional Credits:
by Ted Bergman
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Published April 14, 2013
You Know You're a Pickup Truck Dog, if... your name is Skoal. you're a Poodle with a Mullet. your dry food is Kibbles & Grits your canned food is Alpo-lachian you know how to crush a Yorkie against your forehead after eating, your owner uses your leash to floss. your obedience training consists of, "Fetch me the Meth." the silhouette on your mud flaps is a reclining poodle with twelve tits.   Have a Pick Up Truck Dog one liner? Send it. If I use it, I'll give you credit & a link.   ### A New Dog and Cat Comedy TV ShowThat will Raise a Ton of Money For Animal Related charities. YOU CAN HELP GET THIS TV SHOW ON THE AIR WITH A CLICK OF YOUR MOUSE No Hype...No B.S...No Kidding.