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May 24, 2010


Vacation is best spent on a travel cruise to some tropical island, or a ski lodge somewhere in the alps. Sure, there are lots of places where you can spend your time with a partner, and you

can go anywhere from Disneyland to Tahiti.gay travel

But, as is the case with every endeavor, planning makes or breaks the trip. Planning for the trip beforehand lets you experience the journey with tired feet as that's your only complaint.

You should consider the 'difficulty' level of organizing the trip. Are you planning on going to the beach across the state, or taking a cruise to the Caribbean? Your destination and funds

determine your plan of action. Take the time to plan well for longer trips - even months in advance of departure, so you wouldn't have to deal with the hassles once you get there.

Make sure that your transportation necessities are well-covered. Have your passports and travel requirements ready. Book that flight or tune-up your car - you don't want to be stuck at the

airport or in the middle of a deserted stretch of road, fussing about what-could've-been. Consider on reserving for rented transport at your destination (such as a rented car) so you'll have

more time enjoying the trip with more mileage to cover.

Decide if you're traveling gay or non-gay. This can be the most important decision you can make for the trip. It is your vacation as a couple, and you have all right to be comfortable during

the trip. Oftentimes, those around you have the potential of making or breaking your trip.

If you are perfectly comfortable with a general crowd, the destination doesn't matter as long as you'll enjoy your stay. Otherwise, there are a lot of homosexual-oriented vacation packages

which are available at prime vacation spots, such as the Gay Days at Disneyland.

You can also take homosexual cruises, relax at homosexual spas, or take part in pride parades at homosexual-friendly cities.

Consider your accommodations. Do you want to stay in a hotel or at a local bed and breakfast joint? There are advantages and tradeoffs to both. Hotels are ideal on beach vacations, as most of

the accommodations near beachfronts are of this type.

But hotels can be quite impersonal at times, very unlike the homey warmth which bed and breakfast stay-ins offer. Also, it is best to schedule your vacation with a gay travel agent; services

offered by such can save you a lot of money during your journey, as an agent will practically take on the leg work you'd rather do without.

Finally, ensure that your home is safe while you are away. Ask a friend to move in or check in on the house once in while to make sure that it is safe. You don't want your perfect vacation in

the tropics ruined by going home to a vandalized, or worse, burglarized house.
Enjoying your gay vacation is one thing, but ensuring that the memories of it are not tainted with mishaps is the best way to go.