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March 20, 2009


Ok so I'm driving back from the Hostpital because my Grand Mother lost her Jello restling seniors title and tried to slit her rist, and I'm just driving along texting my Parol Officer that having an unsure test result from the urinalisis isn't hot its more of a clean result, and was just about to pull the poppyseed muffin card when it all started. The most beutiful midget lady I have ever seen on a bright orange vespa pulled out in front of me. I never knew love could happen in an instant, the most beutiful woman in the world pulled out in front of me, she was like a 3/4 Angelina Jolie, to bad I hit her with my car and threw her across two lanes of traffic where she was struck again by a bus. But for that one second, I loved a little.  Anyway I kept driving because there was nothing I could do really and the Vespa didn't damage my car and no one saw me and besides I was hungry for breakfast and the menue's change at McDonalds at eleven. I get to MickeyD's  and am having my Mcshit sandwich, when two cops walk in. One cop is gay, I can tell because he said; "Hey guys what kind of breakfast sandwich do you all have for the only Gay Cop on duty?" I think they gave him a Mcqueer and he danced. Thats when I thought to myself, " I have to get out of here this is making me sick, I'm coming down with Disco Fever." and I left.  I met this psycho chick in the parking lot selling puppys, I told her no thanks I just ate inside. I drove off in the car parked next to mine because it was nicer and had  a we are the Sacred Sisters logo on the back window. I would go on with this incredible bad day but my imagination has run out and I don't feel like making up any more stories today.