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April 02, 2018

If you are a modern teacher you know how difficult it is to get students' attention these days. This is where using special resources to create perfect lesson plans will be very useful. As perfect lesson plans equal great lessons.

Peps Mccrea,author of Lean Lesson Planning, worked with over 50teachers for six years to develop the tips presented in that book. He realized that lesson planning is basically a habit, which any teacher can develop. The point is in identifying, practicing, and improving the habits that make more impact than others.

Planning is a vital aspect of the teaching process. It not only makes the teacher organized and focused, but it also helps the students reach learning objectives. The better the lesson plan is, the smoother the teaching and learning process will be.

A daily plan usually involves the following elements:

● Lesson objectives

● Instruction-delivery methods

● Assessment methods

● Teamwork activities

● Materials needed for bringing the lesson plan to action

Is there something more? Can you use specific tools and resources that will make lesson planning easier and more successful? Absolutely!

We’ll list 5 best resources that can help teachers create perfect lesson plans.

1. ShowMe

Researchers showed that students strongly prefer the use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom over traditional teaching methods. Thanks to interactive whiteboards,they can get a fresh perspective on the things they learn. They can even dissect a kidney on an interactive whiteboard. The only problem is: not all schools provide such equipment for their classrooms. As a teacher, you can solve that issue.

ShowMe is an app that turns a tablet or Chrome book into a whiteboard. When you include an engaging voice-over presentation to accompany your lesson plan and you present it through this app, you can rest assured that you’ll have everyone’s attention.

2. Evernote

The success of your lesson plans will depend on your organizational skills. You need a tool that will support the daily process of planning and will give you access to all previous plans. You could use a plain notebook, but you can also make the process more effective with Evernote.

This app lets you capture ideas on the go. It’s ideal for creating new lesson plans and connecting them with the concepts you’ve already covered in class. You can use the search function to find the notes you need, so you’ll remind your students of something they already know.

With Evernote,you can also create templates of lesson plans, so you’ll be saving a lot of time on a daily basis.

3. EssayGeeks

What if the lesson plan involves resources you don’t have access to? Can you create all learning materials for your students? If you don’t have time for that, you can always rely on the professional writers from Essay Geeks.

If, for example,you’re trying to teach your students how to write essays and you want a unique sample to present, this online resource will save the day.

4. Planboard

Do you need a specific planner that supports lesson planning? This is the one! Planboard gives you simple templates that allow you to create your lesson plans in a matter of minutes. You can align these plans to curriculum sets, so you’ll always be sure you’re on the right track.

When compared to Evernote, Planboard is less flexible. Evernote doesn’t come with a structure;it just gives you space to create your lesson plans. If you want flexibility,go with Evernote. If you want more structure, Planboard will be a great choice.

5. Canva

Having a lesson plan is not enough. The way you bring it to action is everything! When you use visuals to support your lecture, you’re getting the students more engaged. They will easily follow the flow of the lesson, and they will remember the concepts better when they relate them to visual elements.

With Canva, you can create great presentations for the lesson. They will be ready for mobile,so all your students can access them if they use tablets in the classroom.

Lesson planning is a time-consuming activity. At the beginning, it might take an entire hour of your day. As you get used to it, you’ll be more effective and you’ll be done with the plan in half an hour. This time is not wasted; it’s invested! With the perfect lesson plans, you’ll be much more organized and confident in front of your students.