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October 28, 2008


buy a harley... go to yuppy bar... flare throttle a few times... do burn out... pull bike up to nearly blocking front door... if wearing helmet take off, if you have hair shake it out... tell any one who rushes up trying to to tell you to move it brush them off with the words "as much as this costs im parking it where i (and everyone else) can see it"... swagger in and walk straight to the bar without moving your head to the right or left ( hopeing theres enuff of a crowd that several people have to get out of your way, best scenario is that someone dosent and you just bump them out of the way and never notice)... order whiskey. all this is done in less than four minutes... sip whiskey and watch door for women leaving... multiples are the best. try to time your exit so you walk out just in front of them and they get to you just as you straddle up... smile boyishly and say y'all like bikes?? alow them to touch your bike... ask if anyone wants to ride... if they hem and haw use some of the lines from my "bike tales" blogs... this is where they came from anyway, and those lines deliver... when more than one accepts. YOU pick... ride her till your ready to take her home... you can use this multiple times a day...