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December 03, 2009


The horror of this contest is astounding!
9. They're gone,we can use this as a can opener and haz tuna. -lizardladyfla
8. The hard way to Neuter cats -bigjas
7. It's not so cute when you realize the sword is crazy-glued to that kitten's delicate paw. -Amy4Birds
6. Mellowpuma's taxidermy skills are unparalleled but he only can do cats -bigjas
5. My name is Kitigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. -ideeclare
4. Hey Switchblade, you're Momma is sooooooo fat when she plays hopscotch she goes . . . California . . . Washington . . .Texas . . . Illinois . . ." -Rhiann0n
3. Put your sword down and let's Begin the Beguine. -keibar
2. Kitten MMA, it may not be ultimate fighting, but it's darn cute. -snyetha
1. You do me great dishonor by fighting without your pants on - but check out those hydraulics - congrats!!!! -keibar