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March 17, 2016

I did buy Dashboard Confessional Tickets.

Listen, if I’m being honest, I love Dashboard Confessional.

It’s tough to admit but it’s the truth.

HANDS DOWN, this is one of those bands that defines a generation. Even if you hate him, THAT defines you. Even if you never heard this song, THAT makes you SOMETHING. At least where I grew up.

Anyway, me and my girlfriend Ashley both have very similar feelings about Dashboard and just a week or two ago a tour was announced with both Dashbpard and Taking Back Sunday, two bands that defined a very specific type of suburban–midwestern like me and, west coast-wise Ashley— suburban in the early 2000’s. It’s a label that I have avoided for multiple decades now but I think it’s finally time to own up to it.

I like Dashboard and Taking Back Sunday and Braid and American Football and every other ego band that I personally like.

Anyway, this all leads me to the question: Should Ashley and I buy Dashboard Confessional concert tickets for a place in Long Island this summer?

I know what you’re saying: who cares? If you want to buy tickets just buy it. I HEAR you.

BUT ALSO, I’m buying tickets to Long Island to go see an outdoor Dashboard Confessional show. It’s weird that this dude, Chris Carrabba, has made it so that I’m walking on the tight rope of lameness buying tickets to a show that I would love 75% of the songs at but the other 25% are very lame. That;s kind of the modern music fan’s dil;emma in a nutshell though if I’m being honest.

Welp, bad news: I bought the Dashboard tickets. I got a text from my girlfriend and she said just do it and stop being an asshole so I just did it because I’m easily manipulated by that woman.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to listen, sing along to, and ABSORB all that is Dashboard Confessional at Jones Beach in New York’s Long Island district. Please pray for me.