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April 17, 2010


Okay..we all know and we have all experienced going into a store and not being able to find an associate to show us where products are, help us figure out how to use a product, and sometimes there isn't even anyone to cash us out (and yet they'll prosecute if we don't pay!!).
It sucks.
My store is no exception. 
So, when you have a telephone query..it's reasonable to expect to be able to call ahead and ask if we have a product in stock.  And it's even okay to ask if we'll put one or two of ONE PRODUCT aside for you as you're in a bind/hurry/sinking ship, all of the above. (DO NOT CALL AND EXPECT PEOPLE TO GATHER A LIST FOR YOU!!!  You can online shop or catalog shop for that option, otherwise grab a cart like everyone else, and stop being a lazy and demanding bitch).
Anyway, here's the thing about the phone.  If/when I answer your call, I REALLY DO want to assist you and give you the information you need to make your day a better place, I REALLY REALLY do.  I have no motivation and no desire to cause you grief, and I apologize that our voice mail is tedious and that you sometimes have to call a couple of times to get an actual person, but since I'm the one who picked up the phone and I want to help you, please don't be rude to me or put your shit on me because I HAVE picked up the phone and I DO want to help you.  So...don't bust my balls.
Also, back to the part where being in the store barely guarantees you service, keep in mind that when you have someone on the phone that you are taking them off of the sales floor.  So, the next time you're looking for service and shaking your head because the only associate is on the phone REMEMBER THIS!!  You don't want to be in the store waiting for a person to get off the phone, so please don't keep a person on the phone for the sake of bitching or expecting above and beyond service, like the bitch who called yesterday and wanted me to put her on hold while I called other stores to find a product for her.  NO.  I can tell by looking on the computer if they are supposed to have stock or not, and I can give her the number to call the store herself, but the mere suggestion blew her mind!!!  She called back to complain to a manager that I wouldn't call other stores for her.  My manager actually dropped what he was doing to call the other stores for her because she was so irate that I ended up hanging up on her.  I didn't hang up on her to be rude, I hung up on her because she wouldn't accept the answer and I had people in the store wanting my attention.  She obviously has fingers and can dial a phone, she also has a big fucking mouth and no problem asking what she wants...so?  What's the problem?  What is so outrageous about politely saying twice that she can call the store herself?   
Anyway...I really felt that I grew from that experience and asked my manager for her name and number so I could call with my most sincere apologies...
...but they didn't buy it.  LOL