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October 22, 2016

Election game-changer

DEPLORAVILLE, USA - In a last-ditch effort to appeal to Middle-American undecided voters, Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced on Friday that she would personally pay for mental health screenings for people that are still not sure if they are voting for her. With just over two weeks until the fateful decision, Hillary had this to say at the announcement of the measure.

“Look, I realize these are people who are struggling. These are people who struggle with simple every day tasks, like for instance comparing apples to apples – and I’m not talking about the old idiom, I’m talking about these are people who literally stand at the produce section in their local supermarkets for hours trying to just simply pick out fruit. This offer is about getting those people the help they deserve, and need to exercise common sense here.”.

When asked about the idea of possibly also opening up the offer to current Trump supporters, Clinton had this to add: “Those people were diagnosed years ago and most likely refused treatment.”.

If you or someone you know are in need of Hillary’s standing offer, please do not hesitate to seek treatment and visit HillaryFreeMentalHealthCheckup.org