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July 29, 2009


I've written stuff about college dumb fucks before on my livejournal misanthrope65 blog. But, this fucknuts next to me messes with my writing; I would like to beat the fuck out of him off campus. But, that would be wrong. Though, I can still fantasize and write a ranting blog about. Hell, I would like to bitch-slap the lead singer of Emmure for saying at the concert a couple days ago, that the people ain't moving or ain't in the pit should get punch in the head or face. I was laughing too hard at the whitest honky muthafuckers trying to act like Ice Cube. I saw Ice Cube live back in 1990 in New Orleans when he touring for his debut album and into a rant that would get any white boy wannabes shot in the muthafucking head if they even came close that extreme language .So, some prissy-sissy white boy wannabes who if I bitch slap he cry his little rock star rap metal ass to his lawyer and county lock-up ain't fun. More diatribes about him later after I go to my ninth circle of hell metal music blog. I hate my new neighbor college fucknut computer whiz all over his lame ass bitch glow in the dark processor ratfuck roommate who knocks the power every night when he uses the microwave. And, I'll throw up some from livejournal about the emo kids touching up make-up in the bathroom. Hey, I wore make-up for my cable access program but I did the manly thing and I let my mother put my make-up for me. Otherwise, I would look like Twisted Sister's Dee Snider's bastard child. I don't get me started about the kids was rubbing one out,(guys you know what I mean) when I was shitting bricks and farting the bass tuba in the Orchestra. Sorry, it's a shithouse, there's a lot of other places to jerk off at, Pee Wee Herman!!!Well, a-posting I will go! LATER SAKBLABBATH