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August 08, 2011

My review for The Change-Up

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the new comedy dream team... Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman!!!! I must admit I was nervous going in about the chemistry, turns out two of Hollywood's best and brightest can share the spotlight!
The premise is fresh, not having scene a body swap in well over a year, it was practically begging to be made. But with David Dobkin's direction, this film takes it so much further than ever before. Reynolds and Bateman's masterful portrayals of each other (you see, Bateman is actually Reynolds and Reynolds actually Bateman! So while they look like themselves, they have to act as the other. I know, blew my mind too) could finally land Oscar Nom's for comedy actors. With The Change-Up, the emotional roller coaster is in a tail spin. Writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore attack you with a straight jab of morality, a roundhouse kick of angst, a knee of humility, and a judo chop to the heart. This film leaves the fairy tail land behind, and really lands close to home. Leslie Mann's ability to have a gut-wrenching, courtesy flush type of bowel moment for the whole world to see, really paints a picture of homeliness you do not often see (she knocked the scene out of the park by the way). All this going on while Olivia Wilde has multiple scenes of being attractive, which she is able to do in a tall overly skinny type of way that just works perfect with the rest of the film. A great date movie that asks the question every couple should agree on, is it cheating if you are using another man's penis? That my friends, I leave to you.