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July 08, 2008


Right now I cant seem to get a signal on my phone at all except near my kitchen sink.

I hate being near that damn sink.

I also hate not having a signal, not knowing if someone is trying to reach me or if lifes need to be saved, and in comes me to save the day.

This is all useless, the thing I want to talk about is, where is the point in dating?

I have yet to find a reason at all in the history of time.

I just recently have decided to quit talkin to a girl that I did like but was not dating.

The thing that gets me is, and someone please try to explain this to me.

Why would a girl take a guys number, talk to him alot and then bring up in the most casual way........My Boyfriend doesnt like you.

Isnt that something thta people should say to one another before they accept a number.

Now here comes more fun where is it ok after a couple of weeeks of talking to each other how does one forget to mention the fact they are engaged.

So here I am behind my computer I would like to be texting like a girl on my girl phone...I am a man that has  a razor phone I know....I Know

I also sit and wonder how funny it is if I could have made a video of me finding all this out

cause it is pretty damn funny I must say but what ya going to do.

i have plans for other vidoes but I cant help but think

a Video that attacks dating will be the way to go, just need time to figure out what