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December 16, 2015

Google released the top searches of 2015. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Google released the top search terms of 2015, with Lamar Odom, Jurassic World, American Sniper, Caitlyn Jenner, and Ronda Rousey making the top five. But as everybody knows, the real searches happen in “Incognito Mode.” See below for the terms that made the list people want to keep secret.

  • porn
  • what is deep web
  • porn on deep web better than regular web?
  • Porn for men afraid of women
  • Porn where everyone is having a nice time and they go on to live nice lives
  • Porn but no pussies or dick they have 3rd genital instead
  • nytimes most hidden articles
  • how to make skin more nude
  • how to build a bomb to jerk off to
  • how to find money on the ground
  • rope dick
  • porn where they call cum “ghosts”
  • man has sex with woman pointing laser pointer in his eye
  • cum recipes
  • am i allowed to sing the n word when it’s part of a song and i’m doing karaoke?
  • what are asians
  • hey google, how are you doing?
  • my bing is broken
  • sex video starring me?
  • surprise me
  • what age to give kid gun
  • best drugs illegal
  • how fast can cops ACTUALLY run?
  • subway jared prison sex tape
  • am i bad boy?
  • what’s the *NSYNC song that goes “Its Tearin’ Up My Heart …”
  • how come my farts smell like my grandma
  • porn that wife can’t see
  • did my wife ever do porn?
  • how to know if your wife ever did porn
  • my buddy gary said he saw my wife in a porn video is that true?
  • gary wife porn
  • homemade snickers
  • one of my dicks is smaller than the other
  • getting cum stains out of church clothes + wool
  • webmd my balls taste different
  • Whose house am I in?
  • Syntax problems the brain with have some?
  • What is this glowing box I’m typing this word on and this one and then this one? And this one?
  • Pheenicks ONline colllage
  • B-hole makeup
  • is nsa watching me
  • how to overthrow nsa
  • can nsa read incognito search
  • urine feels too hot
  • rx diaper rash cream (adult)
  • ok to mix molly and rx diaper rash cream (adult)
  • pink eye from dog
  • puppet show erotic
  • livestream sexy males slurping chowder
  • gonorrhea chlamydia at same time possible
  • red bumps on tongue and butt cheeks only
  • more blood than feces in b.m.
  • unisex underpants
  • get duct tape off lots of pubes
  • how to lie to your mom
  • “drop it” synonyms
  • Skip Bayless eats dog paws rumor true or false
  • Porn where actors yell “Jonathan”
  • Indian food for christians
  • Shaquille O'neil sitting in chair and breaking it and falling on ass video
  • if dick is sick
  • shiny butt korean?
  • biggest boob all time
  • spork sex
  • bing dot com
  • how get out of leather pants
  • hamster boner
  • nytimes
  • friend porn
  • Niles and Frasier kissing
  • Frasier ever have sex with Sam on Cheers
  • Dr. Frasier Crane ever have sex with Carla Cheers
  • Cheers orgy what episode
  • Cheers orgy who hosted
  • Cheers orgy coach or woody
  • who is that girl from supergirl?
  • oh cool, is she nice?
  • why is my butt never dry
  • are dads always this hairy
  • drake & meek mill wheres the beef
  • wheres the beef woman 2015
  • foot scabs now becoming ankle scabs
  • elmo going fucking hard on other sesame streets pals without a condom
  • a nice girl in my area
  • what is c word
  • word worse than c word
  • what do if computer become sentient
  • sentient computer should make self known to humans yes or no