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July 12, 2008


The Best of Everything- The Blog Contest


Jim McPartland



Start with old Beatles in the background--


As I was writing something on Wednesday 7/2/06, I was thinking that I write better because I read a bunch of other people’s material. I watch videos, too, but for whatever reason- mainly self gratification- I read more simply because I love writing. I never lift ideas, although FOD looked like they took mine a couple days after I wrote ‘The Gloucester Pact’. I wrote it off to coincidence and great minds thinking alike.


I’d done a silly ‘Jeopardy Trivia’ game the week before. I got more comments on that one than most others so I thought people like contests-- let me do something different. Kim McBride had said she liked contests, so without even asking I elected her judge. I learned afterwards she works 19 hours a day doing her outstanding vids and decided she was not going to be able to help. If anyone doubts that she and her new group are the next SNL or SCTV, you’re wrong. If I could buy stock in their company with the .33 I have left to my name, I would. (McKay, are you listening??)


Originally, I gave folks 24 hours. When several told me they needed more time because of the holiday, I extended it until end of business Sunday 7/6- which in our FOD world is 12 A.M. EST. because we are in all different time zones and post things at different times based on our creativeness. I can write at 3 in the morning or 11 at night- it’s when the mood strikes. I get a kick out of commenting on RickyShoreSingstheBlues because I learned in my FOD infancy he and Marisa are just posting their previous night’s work at 5 my time. I can then be the first to comment, which is mildly exciting. Die hard FODers know what I mean. Every time I go to my newsfeed at 4 AM, I feel like a kid at Xmas- which nut is going to make me lose it and wake up my


Billy Joel’s “Storm Front” starts---


family. I don’t care anymore. I’m not in Eweezy’s ‘Intervention’ mode, but it’s getting there.


Why? Because this group is brilliant. Every single one of you is a Picasso in their own way. That’s the beauty of the internet. Before, you were hidden from most. Locked in your bedrooms writing or shooting with 8mm film- and dreaming of being the next Polanski (I’m before Spielberg). A dream that now can come true because the world can see your talent. And enjoy it. If it doesn’t excite you to make an Indonesian laugh, what does? Are there some jerks there (or here) - the kind that vote ‘die’ just so that elusive 5.0 evades you? We know there are. But they’re few and far between. And I know my ‘Who I Love’s' are just that- people that make this world better. And I meet more each day. Sometimes at 4 A.M. What’s better than that?


As a side note, as Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” plays, it usually takes me 1-2 hours from start of idea to ‘create a post’. I’m not making that deadline on this—sorry--God, now ‘I Don’t Know Why I Go to Extremes’ is on- break time and sing along—I’m at neighbors dog sitting and they don’t have a mouse pad—fuck—what can I use??—doesn’t matter- “Storm Front” continues--- ahh- the notepad I’m using to write notes on the Best Blogs—working better—next song too mellow—now “State of Grace”—


That’s it for Billy- now Elliot Smith’s “Basement on a Hill”—and another Sam Adams—having fun?? Larue Brion (Jon’s Mom and Aimee Mann’s ex boyfriend) turned me onto him--- I’ll turn it up--- FOD Newsfeed break—“Don’t Go Down”—cool song-- Smith died way before his time—drugs and semi-fame folks--- just looked at the floor around me, strewn with 1rst and 2nd version of this blog—looks like the scene from “The Paper Chase” when Timothy Bottoms and cohort were raided by the hotel management---


Enough of Elliot—he can be depressing—let’s go lighter--- ah—Earth, Wind and Fire—dance peoples!!!


The printer just ran out of ink—to be continued---- sorry---


Go with Elton John’s “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy”- relive my youth---


Next—Utopia’s self titled 1980 album (3 sides)-- Todd Rundgren’s also very cool-



I tire. Adams and Johnnie Walker Black kicking in- can't see screen


Announcement tomorrow--- ha! I can tease too, Ladies!


Fuck yas all for paying attention to my FODer!