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Written by Ryan Perez

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November 21, 2008

Washington D.C. - As President Elect Barack Obama continued to form his administration on Friday, his selections mostly fell in line with the predictions of the mainstream media:  Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, Timothy F. Geithner for Treasurer. However, there was one unexpected selection: 13-year-old Trent Gibson for the Secretary of Agriculture.

Gibson, the husky 8th grader at James Polk Middle School, was considered a dark horse in the running for Secretary of Agriculture due to his unpopularity and substantial girth, but on Saturday morning Obama defended his pick:

"I'll admit Trent is a little heavy," said Obama, "But, come on, somebody's gonna put him on a team. We went several rounds without picking him and it was getting embarrassing. As President, I'm happy to have him in my cabinet, looking out for the agricultural interests of our nation."

The portly Gibson celebrated with a family dinner at Islands Restaurant.

"I'm really honored to be in Mr. Obama's cabinet," said Gibson. "I don't know much about agriculture, but I'm just happy to be on a team for once."

Added Obama: "Every once and a while you have to let someone on your team out of a spirit of fairness. Trent may be a big boy, but he's got heart."