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October 03, 2009


I saw a pretty cool movie called Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, it's a British film about three dudes that go to a bar, and every time they go to the bathroom they wind up at a different time. I dug it.
It got me thinking about the whole subject of time travel & the idea of a parallel universe.
Ever since I was a kid I had thought about the idea of time travel, and even of the idea that there was another version of me on a different plane of existence. Of course, lots of people my age (I'm sure) have thought about time travel 'cause of Terminator, and generations before me 'cause of H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine".

Something I have thought about for a while was that life was like a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE book, and like one of those books you make a decision and it takes you to a certain page. In life, you make a decision, and your consciousness goes on a certain path based on the decision you've made. But like in the book, there are other pages, and those other pages lead to different endings. Therefore, based on these books, ever since I was a kid I thought that our lives, like these books - have many possible endings, but it is up to our own conscious will that determines our fate.

For instance, you have a one-night stand, and you may or may not use a condom. BOOM! That right there is a page that has in life the proverbial "fork in the road". So many "what ifs?" that it'll send your mind spinning. You decide to smoke crack and suddenly some pages are denied you & other pages you are led to based on that decision.


The decisions you didn't make have their own pages, just like the book, and those are the Parallel Universes that your consciousness didn't follow 'cause you didn't consciously make the decision to go on that path.

The movie Mr. Destiny is all about this. Larry Burrows always wonders "what if" he only hit the ball. He was in his high school baseball team and it was one of those defining moments where he was at bat, it was the last inning, his team was down by one run, and there were already two outs. He struck out, of course, and for the rest of his life he wonders how things could've been different 'til Mr. Destiny takes him back to that moment & lets him crack the ball right out of the field.

I love that movie, as I love the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. I gotta get that movie on DVD, and I gotta get me the entire collection of those books. Those books got me into reading! Third & fourth grade I remember there were book fairs, and I didn't have much money, but if I got one of those books I could read it more than once.

Anyhow, with those books I'd always see where the decisions would take me 'cause I was so damn indecisive, and I just wanted to get to the coolest ending. That'd be nice if I could peak at the several endings of my life and make the decisions that would get me to the best possible one.