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January 11, 2017

"#6. Search Engine Pepsi!"

It was announced this week that Yahoo! will be changing its name to “Altaba.” Here are 20 better names they passed over:

1. Meh!
2. Okay, I guess!
3. …!
4. [Resigned Sigh]!
5. UncleEmailAccounts.com
6. Search Engine Pepsi!
7. Sad Bing!
8. Still a Thing!
9. News For Aunts!
10. Thank You For Not Asking Your Children to Change Your Homepage!
11. Bronze Medal Look-Ups!
12. Not a Verb Yet!
13. Email Account Graveyard!
14. No-Kill Internet Shelter!
15. Yahoo! No, Seriously!
16. Seriously! Yahoo!
17. And You Thought Facebook Trending Was Bizarre!
18. Childhood Friend You Randomly Wonder About But Not Enough to Seek Them Out Or Anything!
19. A Thing To Look At On a Sick Day!
20. But Our Fantasy Football Though!