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September 11, 2009


This is my first blog, ever...so he goes.

I'm just over thirty years old and I now look back and remember some moments in my life.  Now keep in mind that I am, according to some, a very physically strong person. 

It was about six years ago,  myself and two of my friends are at a bar in Montreal.  We kind of hit the loud mouth juice a little hard and deceide to dare each other.  Don't worry, this doesn't end with us kissing in a hot tub.  Daring MANly things.  My buddies dare me to lift things, the pool table.  No problem.  I lift one side off the floor.  What else...how 'bout my Honda?  Sure why not.  We go outside, it's snowing, get to my Honda and open the back door.  I place my shoulders in the frame and lift.  The back wheels lift off the ground.  Wow! my buddies are now going crazy.  "How 'bout my GMC Savanah 1500?"  Ok.  I get to the truck, crouch down, grab hold of the bumper and lift.  And lift.  AND LIFT.  My buddies are yelling and cheering me on like I was running towards the end zone with the game winning SuperBowl touchdown.  Then suddenly, I realize I can't do it.  This is impossible.  It's a f@*king truck!

This might not seem funny, but what I didn't  mention was it is only 6pm at supper time and we are right beside a busy upscale restaurants with everyone at a window is watching us, and we are yelling so loud they called the police on us.

And I realized just now, while writing this blog,  I am not Superman