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Published April 30, 2009

My work has been commissioned by large  & Small companies as well as serious car, equipment collectors.

Most companies commission me to complete replicas of their company vehicle.  Many choose to have their Company logo on them and then give the vehicles to special clients and employees as incentives or bonuses.  My work is an effective and unique way to make their company known.

Private collectors often ask me to replicate a special vehicle as a family keepsake.  Clients also have vehicles built to represent occupations for retirement, anniversary, or birthday gifts.

All of my vehicles are made from quality hardwoods that I choose personally.  Each facet of the construction is completed by me.  I imagine, design, and build the pieces.  I can work from plans, but most of my work is created in my minds eye and I often work off of client photos.  Each piece is one of a kind representation of client, vehicle and artist.

Please take a moment to visit my website: www.woodenclassicwheels.com

  I would love to here from you!


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