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May 12, 2014

Why you shouldn't have high hopes of finding a meaningful relationship on Tinder and other dating apps.

Dating apps are flourishing currently; subsequently more and more people are viewing them as a socially acceptable means of meeting a partner. You will often hear folks refer to apps like OKCupid and Tinder as “hookup apps.” “Hook-up” means to do sex, for the more sheltered readers. The people who refer to them in this way are pretty much correct in doing so. “Why can’t I find a nice guy?” Bitch you’re on a cellphone application. One can’t completely generalize men on dating apps as whole, but it’s safe to assume guys are using them in the desperate hope of putting their pork saber in something. This is not true of all our intentions, which I can personally verify. I admit I originally joined Tinder with a curious hope. It had a boredom-killing appeal, but it also created the idea in my head that this could possibly be an opportunity to find someone truly great. Let me clarify, my original intention really was using the app to buoyantly come across Miss Right. This soon took a turn for the pervier. I am a man. A young adult man who gets sexually excited. Quite often. The more I view and swipe through incredibly attractive women in my local area, the more I want to get nasty (but with candles). I may be a romantic, but a hot girl digitally mutualizing the attraction between us kinda makes me think she wants this D. I will continue to write under the assumption that you’re all familiar with “The D.” In the defense of my vile confidence, it’s difficult for a guy not to think that way. What I’m getting at is that girls shouldn’t be upset or offended when an app guy implies he just wants sex. This occurs constantly I would bet. I can only imagine the onslaught of sexual harassment women face on Tinder and hookup apps alike. They probably get stuff like “Gurl lemme nut in you” or “we doin’ anal?” I’m not justifying the forwards perverts, though I do respect them. I’m simply saying women should put themselves in men’s horny ass shoes for a change. Getting unsettled over the disrespectful comments is silly. Tell the guy to eat a corndog and move along. Soulmates have found each other on apps, sure, but don’t let the cinderella stories fog your mind and cause you to forget that 98% of dating app males are mainly trying to get their hog wet.