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August 26, 2008


I writing this post on a libray computer and there's some idiot blasting Slipknot and butchering their songs.This guy is 100 times worst than Eddie Murphy butchering The Police's Roxanne in 48 hours.He singing Everybody sucks, so do you fucko!I "m stuck in karoake hell.Where's a busy body librarian when I need one?Now,this muthafucker thinks he's in NWA! Ok,I just glanced over that fuckwad and he's think Dave Lombardo from Slayer.Shove a stick in this mutha fucker's mouth I think he's having a seizure.Damn,I was gonna bitch about how the younger generation is all wimpy,fem and acting like a bunch of wussies.Is this muthafucker's playing air double bass drums.Hell,play some Deicide,Cannibal corpse or morbid Angel.It's a bitch to write a blog in a public library. Finally,the concert of the village idiot is over with.But, nobody told him anything in the Tucson Public Library. That moron would last 2 minutes in the old new orleans public library before Katrina hit. Now,I believe the only public library in the city of New orleans is a comic book store.