Hoping to ride the wave of super hero mania to a White House victory, President Obama has ordered his election staff to switch to an all Avengers themed campaign.

"Our internal polling showed that seventy five percent of the country couldn't name one policy of the president's," Obama strategist David Axelrod said on Meet the Press. "But ninety seven percent knew that Iron Man was 'the funny one' and Hulk liked to 'smash.' That kind of brand recognition is priceless."

Party leaders are expressing concern about the president's mental stability. "He insists we address him as Director Fury," Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, told media. "Then he spouts two or three cliche lines about saving the world, flares his leather duster, and storms off scowling with his unpatched eye. He's gone rogue.”

Romney advisers worry that Obama’s ‘Hollywood insider‘ status gives him a huge advantage. Said campaign manager Matt Rhoades, “He’s got full access to the Marvel catalog and all those cool characters. We’ve got the Book of Mormon. Mormon Man vs. Captain America? Forget it.”