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November 06, 2012

Things you don't ever want to hear

Thing you never want to hear your pilot say
Joshua Proctor

1. Lets see if I can get that landing part right this time
2. Lets do that move that I saw John Q do doing the movie Flight!
3. Next stop Tower 2!
4. My co-pilot is Buddy. He also is my seeing eye dog
5. Who wants to see if we can break the sound barrier today?
6. Please get your affairs in order
7. Ok hold on it's my first time
8. Your flight is going to be about 8 hours. For your listening enjoyment here is Gangnam Style.
9.Who would like to chip in for gas?
10. Do not operate heavy machinery after taking this pill? Ha! I will show them
11. One more Red Bull and vodka and I be ready
12. I hope you know how to swim.
13. I suggest you all watch the movie Alive so you know what to do if we crash
14. We will be serving R.C cola today
15. Just e-mailing my will to my wife.....
16. We are going to make a quick pit stop at the Grand Canyon
17. ....so who is down for playing like we are on the show Lost?
18. By chance is there anyone on here that knows how to fix a wing?
19. I need someone to get out and push
20. Welcome to Delta Airlines

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