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Published: April 11, 2014
Description: A lot of baby boomers are acquiring a home that they consider to be the last.

There happens to be new home that middle-agers are buying, and not only do they understand what they want, but it is their last home. These homes that the baby boomers happen to be looking for don't have the high-tech 21st century gadgetry as you would expect.

This new style of residence is related to energy efficiency, ease and comfort and strength. It will endure such acts of God, as hurricanes and earthquakes, along with noise, fire, wind, snow, rain and sun. 24 hours a day, this particular home will provide fresh air, as well as complete comfort. It will handle the temperatures in the Canadian North, and at the same time deal with hurricanes in Florida. The wall surfaces of this type of home are made up of concrete cubes that are bolstered with steel and have three inches of styrofoam insulation on all sides and floors that are heated by body temperature. Fresh air is brought in by way of a line of pipes that are placed five feet underground. Because the air will be pre-cooled throughout the summer, and pre-warmed during the winter, there is simply no reason to open the windows, which are high-efficiency, Low-E Argon filled.

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The air is controlled and filtered twenty four hours per day. Through the use of computer models, just this strategy alone will cost 11% less over conventional heating systems. A number of the latest technologies from today's home building is built into this luxury home of the future. It will offer tank-less water heater, radiant heating floors, in addition to insulated concrete forms. Much safety is supplied by the steel reinforced walls for hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes, in addition to fire and wind resistance. The walls usually are thick enough to offset sirens and traffic noise.

There aren't any floor squeaks, rattling glass as well as drafts. Energy price savings and significant comfort levels are actually there because of the insulated concrete forms. You could possibly save anywhere between 35% to 60% on your energy bill. There will always be a resource of hot water with the tank-less water heater, that turns on whenever the tap is turned on. It really is extremely convenient and it is very cost-efficient. You could effortlessly produce your very own energy from this home by incorporating a solar energy system as well.

Because of the cost of a conventional wood framed house, this one would be approximately 10% more, but with the added comfort, and security, along with long-term savings why would anyone chose a different type of home. When you choose your next home, seriously consider doing more research on this type of house.

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