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January 26, 2009


That fathead idiot Rush Limbaugh blabber something that he hopes President Obama fail.Well,a depression ain't gonna hurt him with all the oxycotins he been downing!!! He's was talking shit about this country going socialist. And Karl Marx once said that religion is the opium of the masses.Well, Russia back in 1979 and we're right now in Afghanistan for the poppies fields for the real opium.That war was started by a republican and the big republican stooge Limbaugh is or was hooked on Oxycotins.Rush Limbaugh needs to share his Oxycotins with the masses or never be allow to buy,by prescribed or work off for trade Oxycotins for sucking Cheney's Dick!!!No that's no typo. We saw how they had to wheel Cheney's power-hungry ass out of the White house.It's like he said,"I won't stand for this!".So,they had to wheel his megalomaniacal,evil,tyrannical,ugly assĀ  out of office! We finally have a president who bought more classand intelligence in his first week in office than the White house had in about forty years or so.He's done more in one week and the last criminal,ingormaus adminstration done in 8 years.And who really listens to Rush limbaugh anymore. My friend scared the shit out of me quoting from Fox News.Fox news ,now there's an oxymoron for ya.Minus the oxycotin addiction.