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Published December 26, 2010
Women need to be freed from the disinformation that it is impossible for there to BE heroes, in thefirst place! All women have to do is withold sex from men, until men use all their energy to find solutions to the wars, famine, injustice, etc., in the world. This IS do-able. There can be a realistic utopia and it CAN be achieved! Men just need the hoped for REALITY of UNLIMITED SEXUALITY! With this as their goal they WILL establish a ralistic utopia! Some will say that men will simply take women by brite force, which is what most men do even when there is marriage and supposed leagglly legitimated  "equality". Whenever force is involved, the sexuality is limited, negative, etc., so, instead of HAVING sex, sex HAS him! Thus men are constantly seeking satisfaction, and what they ar seeking for is UNLIMITED LOVE: ie UNLIMITED SEXUALITY.The root causes of wars, famine and injustice are the limited expectations women have for men! When the solutions are achieved, all wome will be SOOOOO grateful that there will be UNLIMITED SEXUALITY due to the emergence of UNLIMITED AUTHENTIC HUMANITY! Women of the world unite. Lel's use Whitney Houstons "The Greatest Love of All (revised) as our theme song:WE BELIEVE HEROIC MEN ARE OUR FUTUREWE'RE ON STRIKE TO HELP THEM LEAD THE WAYSO THEY CAN KNOW ABOUT THE HERO THEY POSSESS INSIDETHEY WANT LOVE INSTEAD OF PRIDE, FREEDOM FROM EGOFREEDOM FROM ALL DRAMA, MEN WANT OURLOVE THE MOST OF ALL