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Published August 13, 2007 More Info »
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Published August 13, 2007
Here is an IM conversation between Bryan and I. Enjoy. Amy: Bryan, what should I write about in the blog today? Bryan: Well, we've got a killer new office. And we're crushing it. Also, you look really pretty today. Amy: Duh. Bryan: (How do I look?) Amy: Uh… I am supposed to write about the widgets. Bryan: Oh right. Wtf is a widget? Amy: No idea. But we’re discussing them, so they must be real. Bryan: Like jackolopes! Amy: And unicorns! Speaking of, Henchy wanted me to tell people to watch Planet Unicorn. Bryan: I am obsessed with that video. Speaking of, Best Friends is hilarious. Amy: I ‘m obsessed with that video! As is McKay, who just told me how funny he thinks it is. Bryan: And McKay knows from funny. Amy: Ah-no-duh he does.